Notes from Zoom Meeting, 9th September 2020

Bromyard Chamber of Commerce – Notes from Zoom Meeting, 9th September 2020

David James welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Trade in Bromyard –Businesses we had contacted were quite upbeat and reported that  trade had been good in the past month. Shops had been following different opening hours and days for some time and since re-opening after Lockdown many had had to reduce their opening times.
Food Bank – Money and food donations continued to come in. There was still a demand for this service, but it was not as busy as earlier in the year. It was hoped that it could be set up as a Charitable Trust and it had combined with Money Advice so that both services could be offered together.
Shopping for People Shielding – Few people were now needing this service and it would cease at the end of September.
Christmas Lights – Plans were being made to have Father Christmas in attendance when the lights were switched on, but it would depend on the situation with Covid-19. Unfortunately the usual activities could not be offered or a switch-on ceremony. This meant that there would not be a programme to publish, but a booklet with more information about the lights, including how they are built might be of interest and this could carry advertising. Crowd Funding had also been set up for the lights.
Folk Festival – Unfortunately there would be no Folk Festival this September, although an on-line concert would be available to view.
ArtWalk – this had proved very popular and shops and art gallery had displayed work by several talented local artists. The Tourist Office had also welcomed a good number of visitors, including people holidaying in the area.
Accommodation Providers – These were currently doing well as people were choosing to holiday in the area. New holiday accommodation included tree houses and the development of park homes at Saltmarsh.
Bromyard Centre – This building had not re-opened since lockdown owing to damage to the roof. If it was not possible to re-open the building for some time, the library should be moved to a temporary location to enable local people to use internet services. Herefordshire Council and Halo to be contacted.
Old Library – This building which lay in a Conservation area, was in urgent need of repair.
Satellite Dishes – A number of large dishes had recently been put up – To be put to Bromyard Planning Committee.
David James thanked all for their input to the meeting. The date for the next Zoom Meeting would be 14th October, starting at 7.30 p.m.

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