4th Annual Bromyard ARTWALK and Children’s Hunt

Bromyard Community Arts (BCA) are organising this year’s ARTWALK after
the success of the last 3 years events. The ARTWALK and Children’s Hunt
was started by a group of local residents to promote local artists and
crafts people and support the High Street. This group has gone on to form
Bromyard Community Arts with the aim of developing a programme of
creative events.

The aims of the Group are to facilitate arts events and activities for the
benefit of the local community of Bromyard and the surrounding area
and to create opportunities for participation, engagement and
The events that BCA have organised the ARTWALK and Christmas Lantern
Procession have been well attended and the feed back has been very

BCA are planning for this year’s ARTWALK to feature-

 25 to 30 shops to exhibit work by local artists from 21 – 30 August
st th
(the displays
 30 shops to exhibit artwork by local children.
 Exhibitions will be held at the Public Hall, The Chapel Gallery and the
Studio Gallery
 Children’s art and craft workshops to make artwork at the local
primary schools.
 Mews (dates and times to Creative workshops – (printmaking, to take
place in the Falcon Hotel ( dates and times to be arranged)

ARTWALKS and Children’s Hunts provide an inexpensive and
straightforward way of exhibiting the local artists and craft-peoples work.
The event supports the shops in the High Street bringing in additional
visitors to the town.
The planning and preparation schedule for this year’s ARTWALK and
Children’s Hunt 2021 are to be arranged. BCA is waiting for clear Covid 19
guidelines before making these arrangements.







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