Notes from Zoom Meeting, 9th September 2020

Bromyard Chamber of Commerce – Notes from Zoom Meeting, 9th September 2020

David James welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Trade in Bromyard –Businesses we had contacted were quite upbeat and reported that  trade had been good in the past month. Shops had been following different opening hours and days for some time and since re-opening after Lockdown many had had to reduce their opening times.
Food Bank – Money and food donations continued to come in. There was still a demand for this service, but it was not as busy as earlier in the year. It was hoped that it could be set up as a Charitable Trust and it had combined with Money Advice so that both services could be offered together.
Shopping for People Shielding – Few people were now needing this service and it would cease at the end of September.
Christmas Lights – Plans were being made to have Father Christmas in attendance when the lights were switched on, but it would depend on the situation with Covid-19. Unfortunately the usual activities could not be offered or a switch-on ceremony. This meant that there would not be a programme to publish, but a booklet with more information about the lights, including how they are built might be of interest and this could carry advertising. Crowd Funding had also been set up for the lights.
Folk Festival – Unfortunately there would be no Folk Festival this September, although an on-line concert would be available to view.
ArtWalk – this had proved very popular and shops and art gallery had displayed work by several talented local artists. The Tourist Office had also welcomed a good number of visitors, including people holidaying in the area.
Accommodation Providers – These were currently doing well as people were choosing to holiday in the area. New holiday accommodation included tree houses and the development of park homes at Saltmarsh.
Bromyard Centre – This building had not re-opened since lockdown owing to damage to the roof. If it was not possible to re-open the building for some time, the library should be moved to a temporary location to enable local people to use internet services. Herefordshire Council and Halo to be contacted.
Old Library – This building which lay in a Conservation area, was in urgent need of repair.
Satellite Dishes – A number of large dishes had recently been put up – To be put to Bromyard Planning Committee.
David James thanked all for their input to the meeting. The date for the next Zoom Meeting would be 14th October, starting at 7.30 p.m.

Corona Virus And Bromyard

Map of proposed changes for Corona Virus:

ME CX maps V3 – Bromyard[11329938]

Information on prevention and control of Corona Virus:

The prevention and control of infection in the workplace (1)

Please click on links.

This is from an email just received from Balfour Beatty regarding plans for Bromyard.. The deadline for comment is 23rd June. I will try and get a better copy of the map. (Done)
Hilary Smith, Bromyard Chamber of Commerce

Dear Sir/Madam,

Covid-19 emergency response active travel measures
As we move out of lockdown the government has recognised the importance of introducing emergency measures to facilitate social distancing in public spaces and provide viable alternatives to public transport and avoid excessive use of cars. During the lockdown there has also been a noticeable increase in people choosing to walk or cycle rather than using their cars and the government is keen to maintain this momentum across the country in the longer term.

Funding has been identified for local authorities to provide temporary measures that support people to continue to walk and cycle in our towns and cities and maintain social distancing. The first part of this funding will cover the immediate emergency measures. Later parts will support further measures to support the continuing release of lockdown and shift to active travel.

What sort of temporary measures are envisaged?
• Herefordshire Council have been working to develop measures for this initial element of funding. These are intended to be temporary using bollards, barriers and signage to reallocate road space to pedestrians and cyclists and to allow them to socially distance themselves when travelling and queuing for shops. To achieve this it is anticipated measures will include:

• • closing roads to through traffic at specific times
• • removing traffic lanes on wider roads
• • restricting roads to one way
• • adjustments to parking arrangements
• • introduction of 20 mile per hour zones

• A copy of plans showing the proposals in your area are appended as part of this pack of information.
When will these measures be introduced?
• The importance of introducing these measures as swiftly as possible to support the opening of city and town centres is recognised in the government guidance. On that basis the expectation is that local authorities introduce these within a matter of weeks. We anticipate measures will start to be introduced from the beginning of July.
How will this be achieved?
The government has introduced emergency Traffic Regulation Order powers to allow local authorities to implement such measures more quickly than before. A formal notice of intent to make the order will be published for seven days and the order must then be made within the following 14 days.

What about deliveries and access to premises on roads when they are closed?
It is important that deliveries and access are maintained. It is anticipated this will be achieved either by specific exemptions or by setting specific times when access will be possible. Where closures are on bus routes we will also be making provision for these services to be maintained.

Why are we writing to you?
Herefordshire Council recognises the significant impact Covid-19 has had on many businesses, and whilst the measures are intended to support the opening up of town and city centres they may impact the operation of some businesses. We have already had preliminary discussions with local ward and town council members as well as business interest groups in developing the measures, and we feel it is important to also gather feedback direct from businesses. Given the timescale for implementation we will need your feedback by Tuesday 23 June.

How to feedback
Please feedback your response by Tuesday 23 June to:

Will you monitor these measures?
All the measures introduced will be monitored to see not only how effective they are but also the impact they are having on the areas where they are introduced. We can adjust them should the performance or feedback indicate that amendments are required.

On this basis we would ask that you continue to feedback beyond 23rd June to update us on the measures that are introduced, possible additional measures or changes to existing ones.

Kind regards,

Alice Eckley
Interim Communications Officer| Balfour Beatty | Living Places
Unit 3, Thorn Business Park, Rotherwas, Hereford, HR2 6JT | @balfourbeatty | LinkedIn

Businesses Open and Closed in Bromyard

To support businesses and customers in these difficult times we would like to maintain a list of shops that are remaining open and those that are temporarily closed. List so far taken from traders postings, telephone calls and notices displayed in some of the shops in town. Please can traders add to this list and amend as necessary. We are sure many of the other shops not listed here will try to remain open as long the Government allows, but have just included those where we have information. Update 9.20 Saturday 21st March. Thanks for those who have got back to us. We will continue to update list.
BM Johnson
Beauty Boutique
Bonnie’s Pet Supplies
Bromyard Carpets
Bromyard Laundrette
Bromyard Travel
Card Shop
Co Op (both stores, reduced hours
Designer Creations
David James Jewellery
Gladwin’s Butchers
JH Halling Carpets and Flooring
Jenny Cross Beauty Boutique
Legges butcher
Post Office
Premier Stores
Rowlands Chemist (closes 1 to 2)
Samantha Johnson Painter
Sarah Thomas Flowers
Sunkissed Studio
Vintage Stable
Caught Short barbers (3 weeks)
Food For All
St Michael’s Hospice
Top Shop (2 weeks)
Totally Local Charity Shop
The list excludes pubs and eateries who have now been told by the Government to offer takeaway food only. Many are now offering delivery services and we wish them well with this initiative.
We will update this page as things change please bookmark.


Bromyard Royal British Legion Poppy Festival VE & VJ `VICTORY 75`   

Our third annual Bromyard RBL Poppy Festival will run from 31st October until the 20th November 2020 in St Peter’s Church Bromyard, with the church open 9am to 5.00pm daily

Website address:

This Poppy Festival will commemorate Victory in Europe and Japan 75. 

How did we reach these victories 75 years ago, we show how the millions back in the United Kingdom known as the `Home Front` supported our troops to enable them to fight and defeat our enemies? All sorts of schemes were running, like `Digging for Victory`, Bromyardians supporting Warships Week by raising £220.000 to re-fit HMS Vivien, locals collecting metals for the Spitfire fund. Rags, bone, paper, jam jars, string and wool collected as salvage, rosehips and wild berries gathered and made into jams and preserves to feed the population and the troops. 

Many organisations new and old worked valiantly with war efforts: The Women’s Voluntary Service, Scouts, Guides, Royal Observer Corps, Munition workers, Civil Defence, Home Guard, Women’s Land Army, Fire Service, Police, Women’s Institute, Local Defence Volunteers, Air Raid Wardens, with all manner of and new WW2 Committees set up in Bromyard. 

There will be a WW2 family memory wall where local people can put up photographs and add their own stories of their loved ones who were involved with WW2.


An area will also feature the POW’s who lived in and around Bromyard during WW2 working on our farms. 


Photographs and the history of HMS Vivien will be on display.


This Festival is put together under the direction of Bromyard Royal British Legion, it is a community project and all the displays are made by the Schools, Clubs, Societies and Organisations in Bromyard and the locale.  

For further information please contact Major (Retd) Jan Brodie-Murphy, Vice chair Bromyard RBL      07900394345

Bromyard Chamber of Commerce Minutes of Meeting February 5th. 2020

Bromyard Chamber of Commerce Minutes of Meeting February 5th. 2020



David James (Chair) welcomed everyone to the open meeting of the Chamber of Commerce.

Police Report.

Jack Davies (PCSO) spoke to the meeting and the following issues were highlighted:

  • A need for more communication between Police and local businesses
  • Issues of drug trafficking and dealing – police need to be notified with names. The establishment of an app linking businesses with the police and each other.
  • The open “surgeries” at the Post Office to be re-instated.
  • Behavioural issues at the “library” end of the town especially on Saturday nights.
  • The importance of ringing 101 and logging concerns.


The various festivals were in planning stages and progressing well.

  • Speed Festival 2020. Shelsey Walsh. May 31st.
  • Town Criers’ Festival.
  • Scarecrow Festival.
  • Bromyard Gala – last weekend of June. Questions raised about location of site – perhaps nearer the town?
  • Folk Festival.
  • E.Celebrations May 8-10.
  • Christmas Lights.

Future of the Chamber.

  • Discussion of changes in shops in the town – more support for small businesses. Welcome pack and mentoring for new businesses.
  • Pedestrianisation from Falcon Hotel to the Square – not supported.
  • Virtual High Street – not supported.
  • 2 hour free parking – not supported. However it was felt that a notice should be prominently displayed explaining that parking fees go the Town Council.
  • Website for businesses to communicate – how to reach out to other businesses and offer support.
  • Raise the profile of the Chamber Facebook page and website with links to information from Herefordshire Council.
  • “All About” magazine – advents have good follow up for new businesses. Contact re. distribution in Bromyard.
  • However watch out for magazine scams.
  • Chamber to approach the public houses re. a “pub Watch” to communicate with each other re. problems.
  • Raising money for the Christmas Lights.
  • Need to recruit young people and encourage them to work in their local area.
  • Need for the Chamber to support local industry as well as traders.


Minutes of the last meeting – passed.

Chairman’s Report – passed.

Treasurer’s and Membership Report – passed.

Election of Minuting Secretary – Dee Dunne-Thomas was appointed.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday March 4th. 2020.

Invitation to an Open Meeting.

Bromyard & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Invitation to an Open Meeting on Wednesday 5th  February, starting at 7.30 p.m. at the Falcon Hotel, Broad Street, Bromyard.

An informal opportunity to meet with other business people and discuss how the Bromyard Chamber can help support trade in Bromyard. Tea, Coffee and Sandwiches will be supplied.

In attendance with be Jack Davies, from our local police, who is keen to set up a communications group with business people to work together and help to prevent crime.

Hope you will be able to make the meeting. Please can you confirm attendance via email or telephone 01885 488867

David James, Chairman, Bromyard Chamber of Commerce & Industry